Reading Group

Price: Free

Dis a Dart - Noson Gemau Cymraeg

Noson gemau fwrdd Cymraeg. 

Price: Free

Talent Mewn Tafarn- Noson Gomedi Cymraeg



Noson o Gomedi Cymraeg i godi elw am Ffiliffest 2024.

Price: £10

Clwb Drama Cymraeg

Clwb drama trwy'r cyfrwng Cymraeg.

Price: Free


Siawns i gymdeithasu a sgwrsio trwy gyfrwng Cymraeg. Oedolion yn unig.

Price: Free

Swper Gwyl Ddewi

Price: £35

Jamio Roc a Pop

Price: £5

Amser Annibendod

Price: £2

Sesiwn Sgwennu Cartwn

Price: Free

Reading Group

A monthly reading group for mid and higher level learners. 

Price: Free

Sadyrnau Siarad

Come and meet other Welsh speakers and learners in a friendly and informal atmosphere.

Price: Free

Clwb Miri

A weekly club for parents and children 0-3 years old to play, socialise and have fun while using the Welsh language. 

Price: £1

Walking Club

Come along and enjoy different walks with other Welsh learners and speakers. 

Price: Free

Sesiynau Sgwrs

Come along and meet other Welsh learners and speakers - everyone welcome

Price: Free