Menter Caerffili provides a variety of Welsh medium childcare schemes of a high standard including after school care, holiday care and wraparound care for nursery class aged children. The settings are registered with the CIW with experienced and competent staff running the schemes. Children can relax, do their homework or take part in all kinds of educational and stimulating activities. We offer healthy snacks and all our settings have been awarded the Gold Standard Healthy Snack Award by Caerphilly C.B. Council. They have also been awarded the Caerphilly Quality Mark and we work closely with the Early Years Team within Caerphilly C.B. Council while developing and managing the provision.

Menter Caerffili now provide wraparound care during the school day for children attending part-time nursery class in 6 schools. These settings offer part time care before or after they have attended their class. The provision offers a high standard of care that supports the part-time education the children receive by ensuring the children are able to stay within the school in a supportive and stimulating environment all day.

For more information, contact our Children and Families Services Manager Tracy Reeves / 01443 820913.